Ask Andi: 3:00 AM Booty Text

Dear Auntie Andi,

Around April, I met a guy in a club while out with friends. We were drunk and had a bit of a snog before exchanging numbers and parting ways in the early hours of the morning.

About a week later he texted me asking me on a date, but admitted hp couldn’t really remember what I looked like. I sent him a photo and then he invited me out that evening. One thing led to another and we slept together. It was probably one of the best shags of my life! I am not easily impressed, but he really rocked my world.

Once we had finished he left my house. I text him the next day but received no response. In fact, I have had radio silence till last weekend – 7 months later!

Two nights in a row I get missed calls from the guy at 3:00 AM. On the second day (the early hours of Sunday morning), I declined the call, so he followed up with a text that read, ‘Oi! Round the corner. Would like to see you asap’. I replied ‘No’ – see attached screenshot.

At that time in the morning, I suspect that I am not the first girl he has booty called and was out with friends at the time. But, I am now regretting it as he is such a good lay and I am still single and ready to mingle.

Did I do the right thing in declining his advances, or should I text him back and ask for another ride?

My first thought: he’s a dick, just block his number.

But realistically that’s because I would be secretly smarting from the perceived rejection and then the audacity of giving me a booty call seven months later! The reality is, he’s simply not a guy for you to date. On the flip side, he’s not worried about rejection. He’s just keen on getting a shag, and he’s not trying to hide it. In situations like this, why can’t we be more like that!  

So my second thought? Just text him! If you are clear in your mind that at best he will be a good lay; then why not!? I don’t think you should regret initially rejecting him. Now, if you do meet up again, it can also be on your terms. 

Fingers crossed you will soon be re-experiencing one of the best shags of your life!

Don’t forget to use a condom….possibly two.