Train Driver didn’t live in London. So, it was a nice surprised when he messaged me to say he would be in town for the evening. I hadn’t made plans, but another guy from a dating app had suggested hanging out. However, I opted to seize the opportunity and meet the out-of-towner.

Rather aptly we met outside Clapham Junction station and walked a small distance to Northcote Records. After purchasing a round of drinks, I reached the table and Train Driver informed me that he couldn’t stay for long as he needed to get home for a babysitter. I found this a little off-putting – not that he had a child, but that he was cutting the date short before it had even started.

Conversation after that was a little stunted, so it was a happy interruption when Train Driver received a call and headed outside to take it. During the interlude, I decided to log into the dating app on my phone and see if the other guy was available for a date later that evening. My message read something like, “The date I’m on isn’t going well and is about to end, so would you like to meet for a drink?”

After hitting send, I casually checked my news feed. As I was scrolling through the latest articles, it suddenly hit me that I had sent the message to Train Driver – the guy I was currently on a date with. As you’re unable to retract a message on the dating app, I decided to block him. This way a notification of the message may have come up on his screen, but he wouldn’t be able to see the full message. I then took the remaining half bottle of wine, my glass coat and bag, and hid in the lavatories for 30 minutes until I am sure he was gone.