I wouldn’t usually write someone else’s worst date story (at least without permission) however it was about 15 years ago, so I have decided that it’s ok 🙂

I was in a bar with friends, and there were a man and woman next to us that were obviously on a date. It must have been going well because we had all been sitting in the same place for a couple of hours when I went to the toilet. As I came out of the toilet someone else walked into my cubicle and the lady who was on the date was left waiting. It was just us two by the sinks. We caught eyes at one point and she smiled an uncomfortable smile and was starting to shift weight from side to side while keeping her legs close together. I looked away, and after another few seconds I heard a sound and looked at her again; down the side of her jeans were several little holes (on purpose, it was the design of the jeans) and out of them her urine was streaming out.

It was a bit dark in the bar so when she joined her date again you couldn’t see her jeans were wet. I remember wondering at the time how she was going to play it because they continued the date for a wee while longer. However after a while they left, both looking sheepish. I wonder if she came back thinking she’d just continue for awhile and hope he didn’t notice. Then the cold, clammy reality of the situation began wafting up, and she had to confess.

I remember discussing it with a group of friends on a different evening concerning what others would have done. I thought that I would have got demanding or at least vocal, about someone getting out of the toilet quick smart before I pissed myself. I even considered whether I would have pulled my pants down and gone on the floor or sink …anything to avoid pissing my pants! However, I soon learnt from this discussion that’s it’s more common than I thought! Some friends also admitted leaving it too late on occasion to get to the loo in time…