My worst date turned into a nightmare, and he didn’t even turn up. We met on an online dating app about ten years ago in the States. We eventually agreed to meet-up, but he never showed.

Afterwards, I started to receive strange messages from him that persisted for a couple of months. He would threaten me and tell me where I had been that day. Real stalker kind of stuff. It was scary and upsetting. I don’t know how often he was following me, but he certainly made me feel like he was always watching. And some of the messages were pretty accurate.

When it felt like he just wasn’t going to stop I tracked his details through a website using his number (which is all I had). I’m not sure you can still get that information as easily these days, but at that point, it was relatively cheap and easy.

I managed to get contact details for his Grandmother and phoned her. I explained what had been happening and her reaction was something like, “oh no not again”. She was lovely and assured me she’d put a stop to it.

Next message from the guy was “I can’t believe you called my grandma?!”. Never heard from him again.

Thank you grandma!