Swingers: The Crazy Golf Club has two London locations. John Princes Street in the Westend and Brown’s Building The City. This review is from an evening spent in The City Swingers.

Swingers is an 18+ venue brought to you by the Institute of Competitive Socialising, a group of like-minded individuals who believe that life is better enjoyed with friends. It combines crazy, golf, street food and cocktail bars to create “…one incredible social experience”.

The city venue boasts:

  • Two bespoke nine-hole crazy golf courses
  • Five cocktail drenched bars
  • Three of London’s best street-food vendors
  • A two-story clubhouse with gin terrace.
  • Nightly DJ’s.

At the beginning of this year, I suggested Swingers as a fun venue for a friends night out after a break-up. So recently I decided to put my money where my mouth is and see if the venue came up to par…

First off, I was surprised that Swingers is right beside the Gherkin. This may not impress everyone; however, I am not in the city that often so I am always impressed all over again with central London.

I met six other friends outside Swingers on some random Friday evening, and we walked into a vivacious atmosphere. The music was loud enough that we had to raise our voices and hearing the person at the other end of the table was a struggle. There were not many spare tables left in the street food hall however enough that we could all sit together on our own table; this was at 7 pm, and the place got progressively busier.

We arrived 40 minutes before our pre-booked golf time, which turned out to be plenty of time (for most of us) to have some food and one or two cocktails. I had a Margherita pizza from Pizza Pilgrim’s and was completely happy with this. It’s just a simple pizza, but it was cheap (£6.75) and super tasty. Swingers have three street food menus to choose from (Pizza Pilgrim’s, Patty & Bun and DF/Mexico).

We all chose different things from Pilgrim’s or Patty. Ordering was simple as all orders are taken at the bar. Then we waited for our order number to come up on the screens and collected our food from the specific food vendor. The burger from Patty took a bit longer, however, so while the pizza eaters had plenty of time to leisurely munch on our dinner. The burger eaters had to shovel theirs in at the end and leave some of their sides, so we didn’t miss out on our golf slot.

I recommend pre-booking your golf slot (£13 per person peak times, £10 off peak) and working your eating and drinking around this. You can pre-book a table in the upper floor’s Gin Terrace, Clubhouse or President’s Committee Room but not in the street food hall. However, we had no problem getting a table in the food hall before and a table in the Gin Terrace after golf.

The two golf courses are quite compact. And one definitely needs to be on time for your slot because there is little time/space in between groups. In fact, we frequently had the group behind us finish their hole and have to wait for us to move onto the next one (which was a little offputting for the friend who was last to putt. At least that’s what she said when she lost ;).

I was a bit underwhelmed by the installations on the golf course. I thought they would be bigger and bolder. However, this disappointment was offset by the staff who were super friendly and funny. We were also happy that drinks were brought to us while on the course.

So aside from my first impression of the course, the golf was a fun experience. As a group of friends, you can’t help but get some vocal competitiveness happening which ads to the fun. So it was short (less than an hour to finish), fun and we got to keep drinking throughout. After golf, we went upstairs to The Gin Terrace and drunk the night away with a few more friends joining us.

In the end, the golf was not the central part of the night, but rather a fun little interlude to sitting at a table all night. Which worked for us.

The drinks menu is varied and exciting. We went through many different delicious gins, such as the cocktail A Swinger Called Harry £10 (Chase Marmalade vodka, ginger ale, apricot bitters, spiced sugar) and the mixer; gin mixed with pomegranate & basil soda, priced between £7.50 to £9.50 depending on which gin you choose. The rest of the drink menu also has a lot of fun mixers and cocktails to choose from with an excellent selection of varying quality Vodka, Gin, Whisky Bourbon and Rye, Tequila, Rum and Cognac.

Overall, I enjoyed my night at Swingers. However, I can not see myself back there often. While the golf was fun, I am not interested in playing it often, particularly in the evening. I would also not consider it a good date venue. In my opinion, it is for groups of friends or colleagues looking for a short, simple night of entertainment.