Valentine’s Day is almost here and whether you love, hate or are indifferent to it; chances are if you are in a relationship this time of year, some thought is required.

First let’s start with the gift. Although if I’m honest, I don’t subscribe much to presents on Valentine’s. I like to think of it as a good reason to do something fun together….so my list may be a bit biased!

Most people think flowers, wine and chocolate. Sure it’s supposed to be the thought that counts, but I just can’t cope with the cliche. Plus who needs a box of chocolates to eat?! I can and do eat a box of chocolates in one sitting…Therefore I only allow one small box per year from Santa. Flowers…sure …I suppose most of us enjoy a good bunch of flowers (still too cliche though and often expensive). Wine…I would accept. All day, every day of the year. So would certainly be grateful to receive a bottle. However, we all know it is not too original.

In my opinion, if you are going to get a gift it should be about having an experience together or giving your loved one a little pampering. And if you are not in a relationship this Valentine’s then make that pampering gift to yourself! Be kind to yourself!

You can get some great pampering gifts for just your partner or both of you including relaxation floatation tanks Or a spa day through I rate for some good deals, as long as you are not too dependent on when you want to do the activity.

For things you can do together check out This site also has some great deals including quirky activities and great ideas to get him. Or consider a couples gift set from If you are that way inclined, this is a great gift and perfect for Valentine’s day!

If these suggestions don’t take your fancy and you just want to give a thoughtful gift that lasts longer than wine, chocolate and flowers; check out for natural handmade scented candles that you can also have personalised.

Now for the date night!

If you are on a budget but still hoping to impress take a look at Wahaca is not overly romantic but it has good eats and Southbank is a fab part of London to be in!

If you are looking to impress with dinner and drinks check out: 

Or a five-course meal from The Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel is home to the Wild Heart Restaurant and Bar. Who is putting on a five-course dinner with all responsibly and locally sourced produce. They also have amazing cocktails.

Time Out includes recommendations for these two restaurants this Valentine’s Day: Clos Maggiore is reputed to be uber romantic and is located in the fantastic Covent Garden. Hutong Restaurant is in the Shard building and has impressive views over London. However, is on the pricey side.

For a unique and exciting dining experience try eating in the dark! This would be a Valentine’s Day experience to remember.

Now onto some suggestions with a different approach: first up I recommend crazy golf…before you judge, please click on the link! The venue is 18+, includes bars and quite frankly is the most exciting looking crazy golf I have ever seen. Plus they are offering a golf, champagne and pizza Valentine’s Day special.

Next is cocktail making…probably on the traditional date night experience side, but you just can’t go wrong with this!

My last two suggestions are a little more risque and not for everyone, however, will certainly spice up the night! A gin house burlesque night at …and …a porn workshop at The workshop is about how to make/improve your private porn. 

I am all over curious about the porn workshop, but at the same time completely concerned I would turn into a giggling school girl…so if you choose this last one I salute you and will be dying to know how it was …so please let us know your feedback!