First of all, let’s just acknowledge that that fucking sucks. Yes, he/she is probably a total arse for choosing Valentine’s day to break up; yes in hindsight you will probably recognise that it was coming and you were not right together; yes you will recover…but for right now, in the moment. It’s shit.

You know all these things and your friends will keep reminding you of all them, but unfortunately for that brief period, you will wallow in it.

So…what do we know that helps during the wallowing period?? Company…distraction…definitely friends. Hallelujah for them. A hookup? It’s not for everyone but if it helps you then why not!

My first suggestion is to reach out to your friends and get busy! Don’t sit at home alone. If you want to stay in, then at least invite them over. I once spent an evening with a friend who was going through a bad breakup. We tried our hand at making pasta from scratch…we ended up drinking a lot of red wine, had strings of drying pasta all over the living areas (who knew how much pasta a ball of dough could make!), pots everywhere from trying to create different sauces, and two drunk women. It was a perfect distraction and gave her a few hours peace from those raging thoughts.

If you are ready to say forget him (or her) and hit the town; grab some friends (there are always friends happy to support you by going out, you just need to ask) and hit some anti-Valentine’s day events!

How about a Traffic Light bar hop You can chat to some new people while experiencing the different bars Shoreditch has to offer.

Or how about a more consuming distraction such as a Time Quest. You can choose different quests if you have a group of 3-6 friends. A quest will not help you meet new people but will be fun and keep your mind off things. Afterwards, you can head out and see what London Fields has to offer, including Martello Hall for pizza and cocktails.

If you already feel ready to meet the next someone special, or out for a post break up hookup then try these alternatives: – only if you are a guy sorry. Ladies tickets are sold out! F##k Tinder is a pimped up version of your classic speed dating hosted by Scottish comedian Chris Henry.

Speed baking is a different concept. It won’t be for everyone but guys…you know this one will be popular with the ladies.

If any of you are fans of the Big Bang Theory, you may remember an episode that experimented with the same theory behind my last singles night recommendation: That you can fall in love with a stranger by asking a set of 36 questions.

If I’m being honest, I will admit this last one appeals to me the most because I would not have to repeatedly think of new and interesting ways to make small talk. I suspect I will not be the only one out there…

And the next day when it all comes flooding back, be happy that Valentine’s day is over this year…and repeat. London has so much to offer for anyone looking for some distraction!